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  1. I Dream of 2019
  2. City, Awakening
  3. Metro (Part One)
  4. The Rich-Poor Divide
  5. My Last Few Credits
  6. The Man on the Monitor
  7. Lungo la Via
  8. Entrare in Appartamento
  9. Tromba delle Scale
  10. Una Stanza Vuota
  11. Metro (Part Two)
  12. To the Edge
  13. Enough

Are you really dreaming this?

It is cold and dark out there.

I have looked everywhere for her, but she is gone.

As the metropolis rises, today will be my one last chance to find her. If it cannot be done, then I will give up all hope.

I will take the subway to the last place in this hopeless city she might be. I will spend every last penny I own, risking my life to cross the Divide.

The Government would shoot on sight were they ever to find me there. And even if they didn't, I might still never reach her. Could I really go through it all again? After all these years, I don't know how much longer I could hold on.

The world is not what it used to be eight years ago. I only hope that you will not let the same things happen to you as they did to me.

If you are still there, please don't let this become our future.

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